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Association for Consumer Research Listserv (ACR-L)

Association for Consumer Research Listserv (ACR-L) is an electronic mailing list to discuss any topic related to consumer research. This list is a discussion group for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students working in the interdisciplinary field of consumer research. Specifically, the ACR-L list is a platform for consumer researchers to:

  • Post announcements relevant to ACR members and those interested in the field of consumer research, such as conferences, special issues of journals, job openings, and availability of working papers.
  • Discuss issues relevant to consumer researchers and ACR members.
  • Exchange views about theories of consumer research and evidence bearing on those theories.
  • Access the collective expertise of the subscribers concerning questions relevant to the practice of consumer research.
  • Facilitate collaborative efforts concerning substantive, methodological, and conceptual questions of interest to consumer researchers.
  • Share information concerning the Association for Consumer Research Annual Conference.


Mansur Khamitov
ACR Communications Manager
Owner, Association for Consumer Research Listserv (ACR-L)
Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario

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