Marketing Ph.D. Candidate

Professional Development:

                Western: Certificate Program in University Teaching (in progress, 3/5 modules complete)

Published Case Studies and Teaching Notes

                Khamitov, Mansur, Jodie Whelan, and Matthew Thomson (2015), “Superb Trucks LP: How to                               Conduct a Field Experiment” Case and Teaching Note, Case #9B15A025, Teaching Note                                       #8B15A025, Ivey Publishing. 

​​​The following comments from students may give you a better idea of my teaching style:

Cares about students and is aware of needs:

"Great Prof, actually cares about the students and what is best for them. Wants students to do well and success which is often rare for Professors!"

"Can genuinely tell he cares about our understanding and outcome, wants students to actively participate in discussion and not just lecture which is amazing. Very good understanding and presents class concepts well. Really nice and always willing to help, very responsive. He is a great teacher, keep up the good work."

"Best Prof ever I have got at Western; prof is very supportive and cares about students; recommend everyone to take the course! Great professor and who shows enthusiasm in teaching and develops great relationship with students."

"One of the best Professors I’ve had. Consistently goes above and beyond to show students that he truly cares about them."

"He really went above and beyond to ensure his students had a thorough understanding of the course content by providing relevant examples and responding to any concerns you may have come across. His commitment and passion on the topic of marketing has motivated me to explore deeper in the industry."

"Mansur is a wonderful lecturer! He is enthusiastic and eager to help his students. He is easy to approach and gives great feedback when asked questions about coursework."

Makes material relevant and interesting:

"When I was in class he was always very interesting to listen to. I thought it was great how he would implement creative teaching methods such as the different cases he would do in class, it made things much more enjoyable! His passion for teaching is quite evident."

"Thanks for all the hard work and lectures this year, they were extremely enjoyable and inspired me to further my learning of IMC."

"Mansur Khamitov is a beauty of a Professor! The content he provides and teaches is very clear and very interesting. Enjoy his level of critical thinking. Allows for classroom discussions and engagement in a positive manner. Wish I had him as a Prof in my other classes!"

"I loved the course content and  the group project allowed us to apply lots of the strategies in class. For me this was way more enjoyable than majority of my classes where I feel I am going through the motions of work only for self-discovery and 'learning how to learn'."

​"I love his enthusiasm that he brings to each class and I can tell that he really loves the material. It's amazing that he remembered our names in around 2-3 weeks."

​"Mansur is a great professor! He is very efficient in lecture and makes the class interesting by encouraging participation through independent thinking and group work. He has definitely had a positive impact on my university experience."

Listens to student input:

"Overall very great instructor – tries hard to keep the class engaged and really takes our opinions regarding the class into consideration. He distributed a midterm survey to see how things were going. Also returns marks/assignments incredibly fast which is awesome."

"The instructor Mr. Khamitov is very honest and helpful. He is a passionate teacher who cares about student’s opinion. As students have requested, he committed extra effort in helping with job seeking. We could see his intentions to inspire students’ participation."

"Nice to see Mansur makes it a priority to himself to take the comments seriously."

Real world application:

"I enjoyed that an actual formal business owner was brought in to talk to the class and our assignment was based around a real life scenario."

"It is evident that he cares a lot about his lectures and students by engaging them with insightful questions and challenges, as well as incorporating his wealth of industry knowledge in his lectures."

"The functionality of his class especially the digital social media side of marketing will be essential for me next term after school is finished, whether working on my own start-up, for someone else's, or for a larger organization."

"Valuable information that is useful to further understand the tools used in marketing. Course information will be useful and benefit me in my career – actually applicable to real life and area of interest for career. Great course!"

​"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It falls directly into my aspirations whether my own entrepreneurial business, or if working for marketing in any way. The digital side is so important today, and felt we learned a solid foundation."

"Great course, I liked the breakdown, good mix between testing and application through assignments. Assignments allow students to exercise class concepts to real world."

Overall performance and personal characteristics:

"Mansur is an incredible lecturer. He was the most approachable professor I have had thus far."

"Most effective, endearing MOS teacher I've ever had."

"Thanks a lot for a great semester. It was a pleasure getting taught by him, he was very enthusiastic in class and it was refreshing." 

"Thanks for teaching our class this semester. It was a joy learning from him."

"I just wanted to thank him for a great semester. I truly did enjoy the class and what we learned. He really did inspire me to go towards brand marketing as my career branch."

"Great Prof. Very passionate about his work!!"

Teaching Assistant

                Western: Marketing, 3rd year undergraduate core, Fall 2014

                Western: Strategic Market Planning, 4th year undergraduate elective, Spring 2014

                KIMEP: Business Law, 3rd year undergraduate elective, 2010-2011 

​                  Western: Integrated Marketing Communications, 3-4th year undergraduate core, Winter 2017

                  Instructor rating (Teaching evaluation): to be released in May-June 2017

                  Western: Integrated Marketing Communications, 3-4th year undergraduate core, Fall 2016
                  Instructor rating (Teaching evaluation): 6.10/7
                  Western: Integrated Marketing Communications, 3-4th year undergraduate core, Fall 2015
                  Instructor rating (Teaching evaluation): 5.71/7 (departmental mean: 5.7)

  Guest Lecturer

                  Western: Integrated Marketing Communications, 2 sections, Winter 2015

                  KIMEP: Advertising and Marketing in Emerging Economies, MBA elective, Summer 2013


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